Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why you should support SC Fastpitch!

At most high schools the primary attention is often to the sports of football & basketball. However all of our sports deserve support. At SOuth Cobb High, our Lady Eagle Fastpitch softball team is worthy of support! Over the past 5-6 years our ladies have proven over and over that not only are they tough... They can win!  Fastpitch is the most consistent winning team at SCHS. Our ladies are ladies and they are tough,competitors , athletic, and resilient every game...Which they do with very little fanfare or large crowds!This year their bats are on fire!! Come out tonight for the last home game which is Senior night!
Come out and see how Eagle pride is displayed!! 5pm!


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Check out my new podcast episode "Build Your Legacy" http://ift.tt/1KLMbxt

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Check out my new podcast episode "Build Your Legacy "http://ift.tt/1KLMbxt

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The SC Reading Club: The Martian

What are you reading? Well the SC reading club is reading The Martian by Andrew Weir.  Students who participate in this month's book club read can earn a free ticket to see the movie adaptation to see The Martian starting Matt Damon.  the list of upcoming books for reading club are attached. The SC reading club is sponsored by the South Cobb Regional Library.It meets in the media center the 2nd Thursday of each month during each lunch period. Snacks and additional prizes will be offered. Ask our media cente specialists for more information. Hey I'm joining the club and have started reading my copy of the Martian!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mobile Book Cart Wednesdays

Too busy to get to the media center? Well on Wednesday the media cente is mobile ! Every Wednesday the Media center mobile book cart will be in the cafeteria during lunch. Check out books and peruse new titles! To be successful you must read Eagles!!! 

KSU IS HERE TODAY ! Go by the table '!!

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