Friday, October 21, 2016

Pitner Dads ROCK

Every Friday the Pitner FBI( Fathers Being Involved) ROCK our car rider drop off line!! They greet our students and parents with laughs , smiles, and enthusiasm ! Don't you wish everyday was Friday?!? 
If you're a Pitner Dad and want to be involved your calendar for Nov 11th and look for coming information about our Fantastic Fathers Friday !!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Undercover Principal : My 1st Grade Odyssey

Today I spent the day with Ms. Thayer's Titans!! What a fun day!
This morning we started off working on Time: learning the difference between digital and analog time.
Then we did a little practice BINGO
Then we worked with our partners!!
Then we split for Specials and I followed some of the kids to PE!!

Then after lunch we started working on our writing skills!!
After the fun of recess it was time to work on our Nonfiction texts and reading.
Then work on our phonics and social studies. We learned the difference between valleys, mountains, and deserts!
And added words to our Word Wall.
It was an Awesome Day!  Loved my day with the little Patriots. Thank you Ms. Thayer!  Had fun ...and took away a nice note from one of classmates!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Undercover Principal: The Fantastic Fourth Grade Voyage!

Today I got to spend the day with the "Characters" in Dr. Carcelo's 4th grade class. This class has a lot of energy and personality!!!

We started the day warming up with math competitions!! Then we worked on our writing skills while learning about Octopi in the ocean!
Then some silent reading and small group book review with Dr. C

We went to Music with the outstanding Ms. Bryant where my crew mastered 3/4 Meter time!
Then they showed me how great mathematicians they were as they worked on double digit subtraction!
We finished the day with the science of precipitation !
What an awesome day with some awesome Patriots! No wonder Dr. Caracelo is the Teacher of The Year!!

Undercover Principal : 2nd Grade experience

Today I got the opportunity to understand 2nd grade by spending the day with Ms. Carter's 2nd grade class!

We had a great day .  Great students. 
We started off with a little math on skip counting numbers by 10's & 5's. 
After Art ( love art class) we did a little social studies by comparing and contrasting the Creek and Cherokee Native American Tribes.
Then it was READING TIME! Our 2nd grade readers rock! They read all types of books to me!

Today I even got my "bucket filled" with a compliment !

Then we ended the day with a "Noodle Break"!!
What a great day of learning with my awesome little Patriots!! Thank you Ms. Carter !