Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Here’s to another outstanding school year!Thank you teachers!#pitnerpride

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Who wouldn’t want to ride into a new school year with this crew of Awesomeness!!!#pitnerpride

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Our New AP is photo ready too!#pitnerpride

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Principal & Staff selfies!#pitnerpride

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Who has a STRONG STAFF ready for a new school year ? This Principal!#pitnerpride

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5th grade team is ready for tomorrow!! #pitnerpride

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While at Baker we got a sneak peek at their Z Lab! STEM in action! Awesome!

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Pitner & Baker are being treated by the ABA to Love & breakfast! #lovetoleadhere #pitnerpride

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Thank you Kell Cheer Squad for greeting our ride along Patriots this morning !#pitnerpride@kellhighschool

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The past is gone so stop worrying about it! Look forward !#morningmotivation

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Thursday, July 19, 2018


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Ok anyone that knows me knows I’m in my happy place right now!!#artislife🎨 #seurat

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Enjoyed the session on “ Creating Democratic Classrooms”! Powerful practice !#mikvainstitute #mikvachallenge #actioncivics @cobb_ss

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How The Values of Democracy translate to classroom democracy !#mikvachallenge #mikvainstitute

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Cobb County Representing at the Mikva Institute! @cobb_county @cobb_ss #mikvainstitute

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Got to meet & get a selfie with Jalen Grimes! #mikvachallenge #mikvainstitute #actioncivics

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Mikvah challenge alum & community organizers panel. Inspiring!#mikvachallenge #mikvainstitute #actioncivics

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2min Soapbox speech from 7th header Jalen Grime on Prison reform! Powerful !#mikvainstitute #mikvachallenge #actioncivics

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#Mikvainstitute #actioncivics. FACTS!

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Kicking off our Mikva Institute on Action Civics.105 educators from 15 cities & Districts!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What a good Chicago Hotdog!!

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The cool group of CCSD teachers with me in Chicago for the Mikvah Institute!

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Getting ready for a river tour of Chicago... going on a boat ride!!

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Mulch delivered for the landscaping project! #pitnerpride

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At Loyola University for the Mikva Civics Summer Institute

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Chi town!!

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For breakfast why not?... I’m not here that often! Paschal’s it is! #greatchoice

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Here’s to leaving comfort zones behind ! Step into the magic zone!#wednesdaywisdom #morningmotivation

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